MBE / WBE for M-9 Project

In April 2014, Khrome PT inc., was awarded by Kawasaki Rail Car inc. a contract to design, manufacture, test, and deliver seat system for M-9 Program Passenger Railcars (LIRR & MNR).

This Contract is subject to the provisions of Article 15-A of the New York Executive Law (the "State MBE/WBE Law") and implementing regulations set forth in Chapter XIV, Parts 140 to 145 of Title 5 NYCRR (the "Regulations") establishing a policy and program of the State to promote equality of economic opportunity for business enterprises owned by minority group members and women. It is the policy of the MTA and its subsidiary and affiliated agencies, including the Railroads, that Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (the "MBE/WBEs"), which are certified as such by Empire State Development, Division of Minority and Women's Business Development (the "DMWBD"), are provided the maximum feasible opportunity to participate in the performance of this Contract/Subcontract. For such purpose, the Contractor and each Subcontractor are required to make "good faith" efforts throughout the life of this Contract to maximize M/WBE participation, in order to meet the assigned goals of 10% for MBE and 10% for WBE, and the progress will be reported to the MTA Department of Diversity & Civil Rights (DDCR).

Below a list of products, works and services Khrome PT inc. is interested in.

Products Description
Seat Metal Frame Metal tubing forming, cutting, welding and painting operations
Seat Cover Cutting, Sewing and manufacturing of vinyl seat cover
Thermoformed Back Shell Thermoforming operation, trimming and finishing plastic shell

MBE / WBE interested in offering their services, as a potential suppliers, are invited to provide following informations,  via email,  to Khrome PT inc. at this address: info@khromept.com

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