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Our Expertises

Khrome Product-Transport has a solid
expertise in the development of public transit, combining design,
manufacturing, and integration for a unique and recognized global offer.
As a system integrator and component manufacturer by excellence in the public
transit sector, our team is composed of experienced engineers and specialized
technicians who have extensive experience in the industry at the international
level. For the past 15 years, the company has been involved in major product
development and manufacturing projects for North American transit industry leaders.

Engineering &
Product Development

Khrome stands out because of its renowned expertise of its multidisciplinary team in product development and program management. Our specialists and engineers have extensive knowledge in materials engineering, manufacturing processes and supply chain management for composite, thermoformed plastic, foam and textile, welded frame, sheet metal and molding components. In addition, our mastery of North American standards for reliability and safety puts us far ahead of the competition. Khrome is recognized in the industry for the quality of its products and the intelligence of its engineering.

Our Renowned Expertise:

    • Program and Project Management
    • Industrial Design and Ergonomics Studies
    • Preliminary Design, System Definition and Concept Selection
    • Numerical and Experimental Validation (FEA)
    • Model Making and Product Prototyping
    • Strategic Supply Chain Management
    • Material Improvement and Weight Reduction Program
    • 3D Modeling, Detailing, Geometric Tolerancing Expertise
    • Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic Systems Design
    • Complete Systems Integration and Optimization
    • Solution Optimization (design for production and assembly, value analysis, etc.)


  • Design of molds and tools for manufacturing and verification
  • APTA/CFR and FST Systems Certification


Supply Chain

Our extensive supply chain expertise allows us to innovate, create and implement solutions with suppliers who are also our partners. Our collaborative and transparent working environment allows us to benefit from a team with multiple and complementary skills in the rail industry and supply chain management. We help our customers to optimize production costs and increase our production capacity.

Our Renowned Expertise:

  • Strategic Sourcing and Consulting
  • Strategic Planning and Management of Logistics Flows (material planning, efficient warehousing, production list and final product delivery)
  • Lean Manufacturing, Automation, Digital Solutions, Business Intelligence
  • Structured Work Methodology, Customized and Turnkey Solutions

Manufacturing and Assembly

As North America’s leader in the manufacturing and assembly of custom seating, interior fittings and trim, and sanitary systems, Khrome is ahead of the competition. The hand assembly, masterfully executed by our teams, gives our products an unequalled quality and durability. Thanks to the components judiciously chosen at the time of engineering and design of the products, the assembly stage is thus greatly facilitated. Khrome ranks among the industry leaders in injection processes. In constant evolution, the company develops its process control to offer an unparalleled experience to its customers.

Our Renowned Expertise:

  • Molding and Tooling Design
  • Recognized Expertise in Manufacturing Optimization
  • Performance Indicators and Production Tracking
  • International Footprint of the Supply Chain
  • Secondary Operations Performed via a Robotized Work Cell



  • On-site Manufacturing of Closed Composite Molds
  • Composite with Tedlar Coating
  • In-house Thermoforming of PC and Tedlar
  • Molded Sub-assembly, Casting, and Sheet Metal
  • Sewing and Cutting of Materials
  • Coating/Padding Assembly
  • Electrical Harnessing


Khrome improves the quality and appearance of seats, fittings and interior linings of trains and mass transit vehicles as well as sanitary modules when their life expectancy is reached. Our experts analyze the needs of our customers to improve the reliability and aesthetics of the fleet’s products, as well as to upgrade and modernize them, in compliance with current standards and regulations. Our offer goes beyond the needs of our customers with a turnkey service and support, and this, with a view to sustainability and environmental protection.

Our Renowned Expertise:

  • Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly
  • Refurbishment and Maintenance
  • Optimized Design for Integration and Installation
  • ADA standards

Technical Support and
Replacement Parts

Recognized for its unparalleled after-sales service, Khrome’s dedicated team ensures the support and design of customized spare parts of all origins. We support our customers throughout the life of our products by providing parts that meet the same quality standards as when they were produced.

  • Customized Improvement Solutions for Existing Products
  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Local and International Supply Chain

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