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Khrome has developed a recognized expertise in the railway sector for the design,
manufacturing and integration of interior modules, seats, and sanitary systems.
Our expertise is also in the field of FRP or thermoplastic exterior panels. For
more than 15 years, the company has worked with the most important railroad
leaders in the world.

The Industry’s Issues

The socio-economic importance of rail transportation in North America. It still occupies a central place in the transportation of people, as a complement to the road networks on which the various governments have relied over the past century.

Khrome places the railways at the heart of its priorities by developing manufacturing strategies in an environment where product standardization limits to a maximum the development costs.

To achieve this, it is necessary to align product development strategies with the project portfolio. Thus, Khrome gives itself the possibility to decline the product offer with a know-how in design, competitive material costs and market strategies that follow trends.

Sustainable development allows a reduction of the carbon footprint, which is now a must in the industry. It is widely considered for material sourcing, and it also allows a reduction of costs in logistics.

In terms of core competencies, manufacturing innovation allows the product offering to stand out and thanks to the agility of the teams, it demonstrates an ability to introduce changes quickly.

Customized Projects

Design and manufacturing integration:

A Complete Line
of Passenger Seats

High quality custom-made products with carefully selected materials, that meet
the highest standards of the rail industry, including the American Public
Transportation Association (APTA).

Two Types of
Manufactured Panels

The interior panels in TEDLAR, in gel coat and/or painted, and the exterior
panels (trains LRV). As part of the initial design of the panels, Khrome’s team
respects the mechanical requirements and the design, and allows the customer to
save costs in terms of tooling and the price of parts, while offering a better-
quality final product.

A Renowned

Khrome has developed an expertise in the railway sector in terms of design,
manufacturing, and integration of interior fittings.

Our Projects

Khrome has developed a recognized expertise in the railway industry in terms of
designing, manufacturing, and integrating interior modules. For more than 15
years, Khrome has been collaborating with the most important companies
involved in rail transportation.

Discover some of their major projects!

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